Great Clips

This redesign of Great Clips attempts to bring forward a more modern and playful message. The design intends to create memorable and distinct branding that customers will connect to their experiences at their local Great Clips salons. Given that Great Clips’ mission is to provide a service that is easy and convenient, the designs encompass the ideas of – simple, straight forward, and intentional.


Side Project

March 2020 – April 2020

Art Direction & Design

Style Guide
April 2020 Edition

Creating Meaningful Content

To establish a distinguished brand identity, it is important to apply the style guide consistently to all print products. I designed two hand-held deliverables for Great Clips’ customers – a reminder card and an event poster.


Reminder Card



Reminder Card



Event Poster

Example Template

Reflections & Key Takeaways

To redesign the branding of an existing company, I had to embrace their original mission statements and goals. I designed a new, unique branding for Great Clips that I wanted to keep consistent with their current ideals. A company’s branding must be clearly theirs. Consumers often attach visual branding to the company. For example – red, green, blue, and yellow are strongly associated with the company, Google. I wanted Great Clips to have a color theme and dynamic graphics that consumers would quickly recognize. In this project, I learned the basics of how to create a design that represented a company as a whole.

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